Local Brands Aren’t Going Anywhere… A Fact For Which We Should All Be Grateful

I wanted to work in the surf industry since I was a kid… turns out I’m not alone. With surfing often reaching an obsessive inflection point in the lives of its victims (in the form of taking over all of their waking and non-waking thoughts), it makes sense one would want to combine business and pleasure when building their career. The abundance of grassroots, highly impassioned surf brands present at Surf Expo spoke volumes — the dream of making it big in the surf industry is still very much kicking.

One of the more tongue-in-cheek brands in attendance is Marina Del Rey-based Sister Betsy’s surf wax. To see the amount of entrepreneurs working the floor, grinding in the hopes of making their brand a household name amongst a sea of hundred million dollar brands was incredibly inspiring. Who knows, maybe you can do it too…

November 15, 2023 — Shopify API