"One of the more tongue-in-cheek brands in attendance is Venice Beach based Sister Betsy’s surf wax. To see the amount of entrepreneurs working the floor, grinding in the hopes of making their brand a household name amongst a sea of hundred million dollar brands was incredibly inspiring. Who knows, maybe you can do it too…" - Zack Raffin (Stab Magazine)

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The new Black Label formula is my favorite wax I use before my competitions! Good job guys!

Evan Geiselman (Pro Surfer)

Don't sleep on the best wax ever!

Made local support local

Nate Yeomans (Pro Surfer)

You got some epic wax my man, stuff works insane!

Torrey Meister (Pro Surfer)

Loving the new Black Label! Stoked all around!!!

Reef Macintosh (Pro Surfer)