Surfline / Gear Review

Surfline / Gear Review

I’m pretty picky with wax. I’ve stayed true to Sex Wax since I can remember. On a surf trip to Tavaura Island in Fiji, I decided to test the waters with Sister Betsy’s Black Label Surf Wax.

At first, I didn’t realize “Black Label” meant it was similar to FU Wax, ie. very gluey and soft, so putting it on a bare board wasn’t ideal – it smeared and didn’t bead up until about half a bar in. The next day, I used a tropical base coat first, then the Black label wax, and it was a night and day difference – no smearing and beaded up like a dream. It held up all day, with a few thin touch ups between sessions, and didn’t leave any residue on my chest or boardshorts.

The Perfect Equation: Sister Betsy Blue Label Wax (or your favorite base coat brand) + Black Label Wax as the sticky topper. Surfer: Nick Liotta. Video: Sarah Lee

This was exactly what I was looking for. I don’t like to use tail pads on twin fins, so having extra stickiness on my back foot allowed me to really feel my board, and keep my feet locked in. On another board, I put some on my traction pad for an elevated grip.

Surfer Nick Liotta staying planted — Photo: Sarah Lee

The mango scent gave me nostalgia from surf trips as a kid, when I’d open the wax and sniff the bar. If you’re traveling around to find perfect breaks, I’d recommend the Assortment Pack (Warm, Cool, Cold). Coming back from Fiji, I wish I had some Cold Black Label wax to test at my local break. But if you’re consistently surfing the same spot – choose your temp and stick with it.

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