Delightfully Disoriented, that’s delightful.  What a subscription to Sister Betsy's Membership provides:

  • (4) bars of arguably the best surf wax's in todays surf industry  in the world, delivered bi-monthly
  • Invitations to Sister Betsy events and activities before they’re shared with the world
  • Original Formula is an advanced disinfectant that offers superior protection. Its hexagonal shape effectively covers surfaces and its scents are formulated to last. Application is effortless and its unique stickiness ensures great bumpers.

  • Exclusive Sister Betsy items and clothing collection before it goes public
  • Supporting your local surf wax worker
  • Already a subscriber? Consider giving someone you like the gift of Sister Betsy

Important info about your subscription:

  • When you subscribe you’ll start your subscription with exclusive goodies arriving in your first box around 1 week after purchase.
  • Your subscription will auto-renew yearly on the same date of purchase each cycle depending on what you chose. You’ll receive a surf wax every other cycle you chose.

Auto-renewal cancellations:

We never want to say goodbye, but auto-renewal subscriptions can be canceled or requested to be canceled at any time prior to renewal by managing your account here. Depending on when you cancel you could receive one more issue in the mail. For assistance reach out to: sisterbetsyssurfwax@gmail.com. See our FAQs section for more details on subscription cancellations and refunds.


Sister Betsy's Cold/Cool/Warm Surf Wax is suitable for surfing in all temperatures. It can be used as a top coat paired with Base coast or Tropical Surf Wax. Our wax being 100g is 20% bigger than usual surf wax and lasts 6x as long as other brands. Sister Betsy's Surf Wax is Eco friendly, Venice Beach made and owned


100g Super Sticky Surf Wax Pro
Dimensions: 3in x 2.5in

Cold Water/52-62°F

Cool Water/62-72°F

Warm Water/72-82°F

For best results: Strip your deck, apply a base coat. Apply softer wax for grip. Top up when needed. (Every 1-2 Surfs) Longer lasting grip for days, if not weeks of surfing. Keep your wax cool to avoid melting. Avoid direct sunlight.

With each membership box purchased and sent out, Sister Betsy's Surf Wax will donate One Meal to a hungry kid in need.

The OneMeal program empowers groups and their volunteers to pack meals and deliver HOPE in the form of nutritious food to impoverished kids throughout the world.

4 bars will be delivered to your doorstep depending on chosen frequency!

Customer Reviews

Based on 192 reviews
Smith Killington

My son tried to eat the cherry bar hahah. I guess it smells just that good!

Carl I

Sister Betsy's packaging is so rad, along with the unique shape

Jacob Lewisky

The hexagon shape is clutch!


I definitely recommend trying it at least once! I got my first bar from my local shop.

Miller Hanson

I purchase this wax for my son but I have been stealing his bars they smell so good!